Macron’s Victory Celebration Gets BOMB THREAT Hours After His Election

You’ve got to wonder just what is in the minds of the French people. In electing Emmanuel Macron, are they not getting more of the same? And then, just hours after he won, there was a bomb threat. Is more terrorism on the way?

The Louvre, the site of Macron’s victory celebration, was shut down due to a bomb threat just hours after he won.

The Daily Mail reports:

The French presidential election was rocked by a security alert in the heart of Paris today. 

The courtyard outside the Louvre museum, where Emmanuel Macron plans to hold an election night victory party, was evacuated on police orders after a bomb threat.

Macron’s campaign press office said it was a ‘suspicious bag’ that prompted the evacuation.

… A witness told MailOnline: ‘The whole of the courtyard was evacuated. Everyone in the esplanade de Louvre was told to leave immediately. 

‘That was about 1.15pm. Now the police are searching the area with dogs. There was a bomb threat.’  

The election, in which Macron is competing against far-right candidate Marine Le Pen, is being conducted under the watch of 50,000 security forces guarding against extremist attacks.

Marine Le Pen received approximately 34% of the vote in the election against Macron. She ran on an anti EU and anti terrorist platform.

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