BOOM! Stephen Miller Destroys Chuck Todd On Travel Ban, Judicial Overreach And MORE! (VIDEO)

There just wasn’t much left of Chuck Todd, or any other Sunday morning talking head pundit after Steven Miller made the rounds to discuss Trump’s temporary travel ban.

Here he is making a fool of Chuck Todd on Meet the Press.

MILLER: And I also want to be clear. We’ve heard a lot of talk about how all the branches of government are equal. That’s the point. They are equal. There is no such thing as judicial supremacy. What the judges did, both at the 9th and the district level was to take power for themselves that belongs squarely at the hands of the president of the United States. … I think the important thing is this. 80 million travel into the United states last year through the air ports, sea ports and land ports. We as sovereign nation have the right to impose basic restrictions on entry, to ensure our security, our quality of life our economic financial well being and the bottom line, the bottom line is a district judge, a district judge in Seattle cannot make immigration law for the United States, cannot give foreign national and foreign countries rights they do not have, and cannot prevent the president of the United States from suspending the admission of refugees from Syria.

USA Today highlights his other appearances on his Sunday show tour.

President Trump’s 31-year-old senior adviser, whose influence and public profile appear to be on the rise, hit the talk show circuit Sunday to promote his boss and the policies he has had a hand in shaping, including the ongoing court case over Trump’s proposed ban on travel from seven Muslim countries.

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“The President of the United States has accomplished more in just a few weeks than many Presidents do in an entire administration,” Miller told CBS’ Face The Nation, citing orders to reduce regulations and set new government ethics requirements and Trump’s direct negotiations with businesses over jobs.

As for the travel ban, Miller echoed the president’s attacks on judges who have blocked enforcement of the order, arguing that it is necessary to protect the country from terrorism.

“In the end, the powers of the president of the United States will be re-affirmed,” Miller told Fox News Sunday.

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Miller said the administration is evaluating all of its options in the wake of the adverse decision by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Options range from seeking an emergency stay at the Supreme Court to re-writing the original order restricting entry to the U.S., or perhaps some combination.

They really should roll this guy out more often.

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