BRILLIANT! YALE Republicans Hold BBQ Next To Hunger Striking Grad Student Teachers

This is the kind of “outside the box” thinking that should come from studying at college. It took some young Republicans find a way to push back against academic elitist culture at a major university. And pretty cleverly, too!

Did you know there was a union trying to organize graduate student teachers? Yale Republicans do, and they don’t like it.

MRCTV has the details of this great story:

Supporters of Local 33, a union dedicated to trying to organize graduate student teachers, have been holding a hunger strike over Yale’s refusal to negotiate a contract with the union. The Yale Daily News reports that in response to the hunger strike, the College Republicans held a barbecue in a tent erected near the strikers on Friday.

And just what was on the menu?

The New Haven Register reports the College Republicans feasted on baked beans, corn, and beef.

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Most union-busting techniques are explicit, like legal challenges and anti-union campaigning. But when all else fails, go for the gut.

… Bragging about the wafting, delicious smells on Facebook, it appears to have been a move to torment the fasting grad students, who have thus far gone days without food in a protest for their worker’s rights struggle.

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Their tactics were inspiring half a world away. Israelis held the same strike outside a Palestinian prison.

The tactic drew comparisons to another recent barbecue halfway across the world, where an Israeli youth group held a barbecue outside a prison in which Palestinians were engaging in a hunger strike.

Greatness inspires greatness.

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