CAPITOL POLICE HEROES! Meet The Brave Officers Who Stopped The D.C. Shooter

Rand Paul had it right when he said, “Had they not been there, it would have been a massacre.”

Meet the heroes who saved lives by risking their own.

Blue Lives Matter reported this:

Three Capitol police officers, Crystal Griner, David Bailey and Henry Cabrera, are being praised for their heroic actions and selfless bravery in taking down James Hodgkinson, the gunman who was intent on a massacre at a Republican Congressional baseball practice, according to CBS News.

All three officers were already on scene as part of a security detail for Representative Stephen Scalise when Hodgkinson opened fire.  CBS correspondent Chip Reid said that Representative Scalise travels with a security detail because of his position, and that ‘his security team kept the baseball field from becoming a killing field’.

Representative Mike Bishop, R-Michigan, told Scott Pelley, CBS Evening News anchor, “I know as sure as I’m standing here right now that there’s no way we would have lived through that.”  He said, “The problem is that he’s got a rifle and they’ve got handguns, and it’s not a fair fight at that point in time. They knew they weren’t going to probably hit him. They just were trying to give us cover.”

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Officer Crystal Griner and Officer David Bailey rushed toward Hodgkinson, despite their own injuries from being shot, while Officer Cabrera returned fire from the first-base dugout. Senator John Flake, R-Arizona, sought safety in that same dugout, and remembered that “I yelled out, ‘Is this friendly? Is this friendly? Are you friendly?’ to the person who was firing behind our dugout, and gratefully it was a member of the Capitol Police.”

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And here’s a statement from Rep. Scalise’s wife thanking them for their heroism:


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