Virginia State Police Contradict Governor McAuliffe About What Happened In Charlottesville

Just as in Ferguson, it’s beginning to look like Democrat leadership is trying to use the police as fall guys.

The police have turned on Virginia Governor McAuliffe because he told the world that large weapons caches were what kept him from ordering intervention of the mayhem.

Political Insider exposes the hypocrisy and lies:

The latest is a real doozy. Following the Charlottesville violence, McAuliffe excused his poor reaction to the events and failure to have state police control things by citing weapons caches all over the city. From The Federalist Papers:

“During an interview with Black Lives Matter activists DeRay McKesson, McAuliffe stated that the police had found weapons caches around the city, and that intervention would have created an even more violent situation,

“They had battering rams and, you know, we had picked up different weapons they had stashed around the city,” McAuliffe told Mckesson. “This was a powder keg. This was a very volatile situation. And I’ll once again say, I am very proud of our team on the ground. Nobody hurt except for those people hit by the car and you couldn’t stop that.””

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Well, it turns out that was a lie. A huge one in fact because McAuliffe’s inaction led directly to the death of Heather Heyer.

Virginia State Police say no such weapons caches were found by them or anyone else.

The New York Times edited out McAuliffe’s statements from their reporting:

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Once again, it’s no surprise the media lies for the left.

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