CNN Commentator Tries To Shame Jared And Ivanka Into Criticizing President Trump

Just how long can CNN beat a dead horse and stir up an issue?

As the hubbub dies down from the Charlottesville hysteria, CNN feels the need to fabricate news.

Now, a commentator at CNN is insinuating that the president’s daughter and son-in-law are not commenting in an acceptable way on the issue.

CNN commentator Lev Golinkin said this:

“I first heard the silence late Tuesday night, while pecking at my phone, waiting for Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump to denounce President Donald Trump’s latest comments on neo-Nazis after the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, and the death and mayhem that resulted.

After the President tried to compare neo-Nazis to what he described as the “alt-left,” saying “I think there is blame on both sides,” there was still no outcry from Jared or Ivanka.

Slowly, as the hours ticked away, the silence descended … But the silence emanating from Jared and Ivanka was exponentially more powerful than any I’d heard before. To me, as a Jew, seeing nothing but two tweets from Ivanka brought the kind of pain I’m sure is echoed by African-Americans anytime Ben Carson defends the President, and Asian-Americans in the wake of Elaine Chao’s and Nikki Haley’s equivocations: condemning hate in general terms while carefully avoiding criticizing the very administration they’re part of.”

He’s trying to shame Jared and Ivanka into criticizing President Trump.

Can we expect anything different from Fake News CNN?

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