CNN Shuts Down Another Conservative Contributor – Fires Ed Martin

They made it nearly four months before giving Ed Martin the boot. In August, Jeffrey Lord was the last conservative to get his walking papers from CNN. So, what’s up with CNN? Can’t they take having conservatives on their panels who speak the truth?

Newsbusters has the details:

CNN is beginning to look like it can’t abide paying a CNN contributor for pro-Trump analysis. Ed Martin, the Missouri GOP official who replaced Jeffrey Lord as the channel’s die-hard Trump analyst, was dumped on Thursday after a brief four-month stint.

CNN confirmed the move to The Hollywood Reporter.Lord told them in September that Martin was a “smart guy” who will “go against the grain” on the air….and “After a while, it will add up and there will surely be those pushing to get rid of him.”

“CNN terminated me today for cause,” Martin said in an emailed response to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Thursday night. “Strange since they told me my ratings were great.”

And it’s the CNN way. Their strategy is to plant a target on the panel:

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Leftist sites like Right Wing Watch oppose the very idea of a paid pro-Trump contributor slot at CNN. It’s awfully difficult to work for CNN and defend Trump when CNN wages 24/7 war on Trump, asserting it’s “Facts First,” so anyone defending  Trump is apparently….Lies First? CNN loads the panels so that everyone mocks the Outlier…who they pay to be a target.

If CNN continues down this road, they’ll hire someone else, and fire them when they make too much sense. And so it goes. CNN is just going to have to be happy being the winner at the Trump Fake News Awards and leave balanced commentary panels to the real news orgs.

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