CNN’s S.E. Cupp Accuses Trump Of Plotting Revenge On Romney With Secretary Of State Interest

CNN's S.E. Cupp Accuses Trump Of Revenge - Setting Up Romney For A Big Secretary Of State Fall

It’s probably safe to say that S.E. Cupp was never a Trump fan and now after the election she’s still stirring the coals in hopes of starting a fire. In this CNN piece she accuses Trump of romancing Mitt Romney to intentionally set him up for a big fall. It’s all about revenge, in her mind.

Here are the highlights.

I have a sinking feeling that Donald Trump’s courtship of Mitt Romney is a setup meant to eventually embarrass the one-time Never Trumper on a massive scale.

While, in her column, she reiterates the vitriolic feud between the two during the campaign, she is skeptical that either can mend fences and shrug it off for the good of the country.

Few were more vocal — and less effective — in their opposition to Trump’s candidacy. And in return, Trump continually mocked Romney as a choke artist. These guys weren’t meant to brush it off and bro-hug after this was finished.

And yet, there they were, sipping on non-alcoholic beverages, munching high-priced vittles and smiling for the cameras at Jean Georges restaurant in Trump’s hotel in New York City. It was the second meeting between the former rivals, and one that Romney raved about afterward.

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Trump and Romney have very different views of world politics, aside from their damaged relationship during the campaign. All in all, Romney insiders also fear a hoax.

I’m not alone in my suspicion. I talked to a Romney insider who also is worried this flirtation is all being staged to eventually pull the rug out from under him.

Cupp was a tough sell during the election. NY Daily News published her disdain for Trump.

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Even conservatives who did not support Trump, like myself, will have a difficult time separating Trump’s unconservative politic and rhetoric from the party that literally begged him to sign a loyalty pledge, when Trump himself has shown little if any loyalty to anyone or anything but himself.

Real Clear Politics published Cupp saying she could not vote for Trump.

“I have to tell you I feel incredibly liberated now that the outcome is pretty clear and now that I have two candidates that I’m not going to vote for,” Cupp said on Thursday’s broadcast of CNN’s The Lead with host Jake Tapper. “I can’t bring myself to vote for either one. Now I feel like a spectator to this carnival, and I get to watch and comment certainly about these two candidates, but I’m going to be writing someone in in the event that a third party candidate does not emerge. That’s a personal decision so that I can sleep at night and tell my son that I was on the side of the good and the right in 20 years. There’s a relief, a weight off my shoulders now that I’m no longer attached to this outcome that was going to determine the fate of my party.”

Beware of so-called conservative media personalities who cannot seem to get past the GOPe mindset. They are as embroiled in the mainstream media establishment as their liberal counterparts. Thank God for new media keeping accountability a priority.

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