College Student To Elizabeth Warren’s Face: “You Lied About Your Ethnicity!” (VIDEO)

College Student Ropes In Elizabeth Warren On (VIDEO)


You will roll on the floor laughing when you see this kid get the best of “Pocahontas” Elizabeth Warren. She’s all too eager to take this guy in when she thinks he’s a supporter, but in the end he floors her with some very interesting questions that she really doesn’t want to answer. VERY EMBARRASSING!

Poor Elizabeth. But what a great job by this kid.

You’ll never see or hear the left wing media ask questions like this, much less get it on video. Maybe we should turn over our media outlets to college students.

Here’s the transcript:

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College student: How do you feel about losing to Trump this year?

Elizabeth Warren: We’re not going to lose to Trump this year.

College student: Oh, really?

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Elizabeth Warren: Oh (garbled)

College student: But you lied about your ethnicity! You lied about your ethnicity to get a scholarship!

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