LAME: New ‘Emoji Movie’ Pushes Anti Trump Message And Promotes Progressive Values

The younger generation gets much of their news from entertainment talk shows. The film industry also does its best to shape culture and mold minds into progressive soldiers. A new summer blockbuster movie is doing its best to help that along.

Independent Journal Review has the story:

“The Emoji Movie” follows a young emoji named Gene, who is supposed to make the “meh” face, but finds himself experiencing different feelings when put in different situations.

While some may feel “meh” about a cartoon movie featuring characters from their phone’s keyboard, the film’s leading voice, T.J. Miller, claims it has much deeper implications for the future of America.

During an interview with HuffPost, Miller called the film an “opportunity to do something optimistic, positivistic.”

“We have very few weapons in the current administration,” he explained. “And one of them is to target a younger demographic and try and help them understand and adopt progressive values.”

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The movie isn’t released until July 28, but Miller revealed that it has “a lot to say to women” about their “limitless potential” and that “the best you is not the you that you’re doing for everyone else, but the authentic you. And don’t hide that, be OK with expressing it.”

They’re not even trying to hide or soften their agenda to the public.

“The goal Of Socialism Is Communism.” -Vladimir Lenin

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