Dana Loesch Shreds ABC’s George Stephanopoulos Over Gun Control (VIDEO)

After more than two weeks since the awful Florida school shooting, the liberal media is still promoting gun control at every turn. They’ve exploited the young student survivors, who were victims of tragedy, and evidently feel it gives them the edge on the debate. NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch appeared on ABC News this weekend and pushed back. Hard.

Here’s a partial transcript via ABC News:

STEPHANOPOULOS: There’s been no blaming here. All I’m asking is…

LOESCH: No, there has been, though.

STEPHANOPOULOS: All I’m asking is your position on the AR-15.

LOESCH: The AR-15 is a semi-automatic rifle. And I want to remind everybody that when you had a — a former Bernie Sanders staff member who tried to shoot up a — a baseball — a baseball field full of congressional members with an SKS, it was that security that used their handguns to take down that individual. Now as far as an AR-15, this is semi-automatic. People keep calling these weapons of war. This thing originated in the civilian market before it was adapted by the military. This is really a discussion about banning all semi-automatic firearms. And I wish that we could be genuine in our discussion of that. That — that’s the position on AR-15.

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And AR-15s are going to be in that school protecting students and teachers when they return back to class. But as far as banning on semi-automatic firearms, I think people need to just come out and say that that’s what they’re really talking about instead of AR-15.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Well I think he was — he was — he was quite clear right there. He says they have to come up with a definition. It should be done. And there was, as you know, an assault weapon ban for 10 years, from 1994…

LOESCH: And you yourself, though — you yourself said that that actually didn’t have any overall effect on the crime rate.

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Watch the video:


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