Deadbeat Dad Harvey Weinstein Now Too Broke To Pay Child Support

Sexually harassing and assaulting women certainly takes a toll on one’s finances. Poor Harvey Weinstein just can’t come up enough cash to support his kids.

Since Weinstein is said to be worth nearly $250 million, it’s a little hard to believe he can’t support his kids, but remember this guy has been philandering and abusing women for decades, so character isn’t high on his list of priorities, obviously.

People has the details:

Harvey Weinstein has claimed he’s too broke to pay his ex-wife child support, according a newly released court ruling obtained by Page Six.

The outlet reports that the disgraced Hollywood producer told his first wife, Eve Chilton, he would not be able to pay child support for two of their daughters — aged 15 and 19 — for “at least one year,” per a Jan. 2 court ruling that was released on Friday.

However, the ruling — which was released by Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Michael Katz — denied Chilton’s demand that Weinstein pay her $5 million, which she claimed the producer owed her from their 2004 divorce settlement.

In the decision, Chilton claimed she was owed the money because there was “‘real and present danger’ [Weinstein] would default on his financial obligations to her.” She went on to claim “she was informed [Weinstein] would not be able to pay his child support for at least one year.”

Weinstein has five children with two different women, and he says he’s going to continue to support them.

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