DEMOCRAT DESPERATION! Petition Calls On Obama To Run For Congress In 2018

DEMOCRAT DESPERATION! Petition Calls For Obama To Run For Congress

They lost the White House in a BIG way, along with state houses and governor’s mansions. They took a beating inside the beltway and they are admittedly losing the power fight. But this grasping at straws is a pathetic exemple of just why they are swirling down the drain.

IJReview reports how some are calling for Obama, yes Obama, to run for congress and lead the democrats once again:

In the weeks that followed, President Barack Obama has once again become the face of hope for the Democratic party — but Tim Ryan doesn’t believe the party can rely on him for much longer. In an interview with The Washington Post, Ryan said:

“If we don’t have Barack Obama at the top of the ticket, we can’t win elections. That is an unsustainable model. He can’t run again, so it’s not even like we can say, well, every four years we’ll win.”

True, Barack Obama cannot run again…for president, that is. However, not everyone agrees with Ryan’s strategy for finding a solution outside President Obama — or that winning the presidency is their only hope.

A petition at is circulating the internet in an effort for Democrats to take back congress in 2018. The petition recognizes the need for a leader who will unite the party and apparently they believe that there’s only one person in the Democratic party who can do that.

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The petition is calling for Bobby Rush, Representative for Chicago’s 1st Congressional District, to step aside so Obama can run (and apparently win easily) in 2018. The assumption is that once Obama is back in Congress, he’ll be the obvious choice for Speaker of the House.

Here’s the link to the petition, calling for an Obama congressional run in 2018, for your entertainment.

Perhaps it is classic commentary to point out that the very person, Barack Obama, who led the democrats into their defeat is the first person they turn to to take them out of political purgatory. The democrats really haven’t learned anything at all.

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