The left is very, very good at only presenting one side to an issue when they are trying to prove a point, that supports their agenda.

Mika is bound and determined to paint President Donald Trump as a dictator, because he is at war with “fake news” and its one sided and often false reporting.

She conveniently fails to make that point in her argument.

Independent Journal Review reports.

Last week, during a discussion about the economy, Scarborough’s co-host, Mika Brzezinski, had an unfortunate slip of the tongue, suggesting that it was the media’s job to control what people think — not Trump’s:

“And it could be that while unemployment and the economy worsens, he could have undermined the messaging so much so that he can actually control exactly what people think. And that, that is our job.”

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She later tweeted that she meant to say it was the media’s job to “keep President Trump from making up his own facts.”

And on Monday’s show, Mika worried aloud that she’s afraid the Trump administration is “trying to create a dictatorship.” Moreover, she said she’s “not joking.”

Her comments were in reference to the White House not inviting CNN, The New York Times, BuzzFeed, and the Los Angeles Times, among other news outlets, to a Friday off-camera “gaggle.”

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Here’s the video.

Mika first played a December clip of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer saying a government that bans the media is tantamount to a dictatorship:

“We have a respect for the press, when it comes to the government that that is something you can’t ban an entity from. Conservative, liberal, or otherwise, I think that’s what makes a democracy a democracy versus a dictatorship.”

BRZEZINSKI: I mean, so is what where we’re at? Any body want to participate. He’s just described himself. Are they trying to create a Dictatorship? 

Totally lost in the conversation, and by Mika, is the falsehoods put out by fake media, leftist outlets and why Trump has been so successful circumventing their filters by using Twitter and bringing new media into the press corp.

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