Diamond And Silk Expose The Difference Between Trump And The Clintons on Taxes (TWEETS)

Diamond And Silk Expose The Clintons And THEIR TAXES ... And They Do It Legally!

You don’t have to pull a New York Times and break the law to steal private information to see the Clintons are scumbags and liars. It’s all mapped out in the Clinton Foundation documents and on Diamond and Silk’s Twitter feed.

Share with your friends, who may still remain clueless about Clinton malfeasance.

And these points made to Bernie Sanders make great sense! A commodity lost in the Democratic Party.

And the ladies miss absolutely no details in the tax fiasco of the 2016 election cycle. The MSM could learn a thing or two from Diamond and Silk.

Someone needs to board up the NY Times. They’re done.

And this just about sums it up.

Make America Great Again, folks! Let Trump clean up the tax code and follow Diamond and Silk on Twitter.

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