EXPOSED! Project Veritas Foils Leftist Plans To Sabotage Inauguration (VIDEO)

Again, the mainstream media neglects to give Project Veritas its due as they uncover a highly organized plan to sabotage inauguration day festivities.

Felony charges should be filed against these guys, but they’ll probably walk without a slap on the wrist.

In part 1, they expose the preliminary planning to, among other things, set off noxious gas bombs at Trump inaugural balls.

Here’s the incredible video that exposes the plot:

O’KEEFE: Shortly after the election, we started getting tips that radical groups were planning to derail President Elect Trump’s inauguration. Perhaps even trying to shut down the city of Washington, D.C. Various groups, some old, some new, have gathered together under the DisruptJ20 umbrella, Progress Unity Fund, Workers World Party, Americans Take Action, Answer Coalition and many more. Today’s investigation focus on these guys from the DC Anti Fascist Coalition. 

In this video, O’Keefe exposes radical groups as they attempt to plan shutting down various mass transit systems and bring D.C. to it’s knees:

OKEEFE: That was undercover sound about hooking chains up to disrupt and stop Washington’s metro rail line. This is part two of our undercover investigation into the dark, seedy underworld of

. a group that says, openly, that they want to shut down the inauguration, going well beyond peaceful, civil disobedience.  

But now that they have been exposed, the evil doers have scaled back their plans.

U.S. News reports:

An activist coalition has dramatically scaled back plans to block the flow of traffic into the nation’s capital on Friday, a key organizer says following the release of undercover videos produced by a conservative group.

Legba Carrefour, an organizer of the activist network DisruptJ20 shown discussing bridge and train blockades in footage recorded by Project Veritas on Tuesday, says “the amount of chaos is being intentionally overstated” by his group.

And now the FBI is on the trail.

But why haven’t you heard about this on mainstream media outlets?

Along with a new administration, it looks like new media will be the go to place to find real news.

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