Twitter Followers Flee John McCain After He Asks For More

This one will leave you rolling on the floor with laughter. Poor old John McCain hasn’t been able to attract as many followers on Twitter as President Trump. In fact he recently managed to scare away more followers than he has attracted.

Rush Limabaugh reports:

… I don’t know why he wants three million followers. It’s not the point. The point is when he requested it, many of the people following him dropped. They stopped following him. He apparently made a plea that he wanted to get to three million (I don’t know whether it’s Twitter or Facebook followers), and what happened was the followers he did have unfollowed him. (interruption) Have I created a headline here with this? (interruption) All right. (interruption) You didn’t know about that? (interruption) You didn’t know about that. See, I passed on information.

… RUSH: McCain sent on you a tweet: “We’re only 74 Twitter followers away from three million. Spread the word and help us reach this big milestone,” and now they’re unfollowing him. But has anybody…? (interruption) He has 2.98 million followers? How? It’s as far as I’ll go. (interruption) They’re worried about me creating headlines in there. Does that not concern you? Not “concern.” Never mind. (interruption) I know it’s legitimate.

McCain’s career is ending on a very unpopular note. But he should know better than to challenge in an area he knows absolutely nothing about. Too bad he didn’t take that same hint with his senatorial career.

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