IS HE A LIBERAL? Chris Wallace Goes Hot Over Trump’s Media Comments (VIDEO)

Trump got it right when he said media was the enemy of the American people.

The weekend was chock full of crybaby media commentary over Trump’s comments on fake news. Talking heads were all a flutter over the idea that they no longer control the media narrative or the policy agenda.

While we expected that reaction from liberal outlets like NBC, CBS, MSNBC or CNN, FOX New’s Chris Wallace asks Reince Priebus if the president believes a free and independent press is a threat to the country.

Here’s the clip:

PRIEBUS: No, I think for the most part, and I understand where he’s coming from, is that there are certain things that are happening in the news that just aren’t honest, and we’re not taking about everyone, Chris. We’re not talking about all news, but we’re talking about something he’s termed as “fake news.” …

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WALLACE: Reince, here’s the problem. I don’t have any problem about you complaining about an individual story. We sometimes get it wrong. You guys sometimes get it wrong. I don’t have any problem about you complaining about bias. You went a lot further, than that. Or the president went a lot further than that. He said that the fake media, not certain stories, but the fake media are an enemy to the country. We don’t have a state run media in this country. That’s what they have in dictatorships. … When the president says we are the enemy of the American people it makes it sound like if you’re going against him, your going against the country. 

Variety added these comments about the interview:

Priebus tried to push back, pointing to unfavorable coverage of Trump after Thursday’s contentious press conference, where the president called the network’s “Fox & Friends” “the most honest morning show.” “But you don’t get to tell us what to do, Reince,” Wallace interjected. “You don’t get to tell us what to do any more than Barack Obama did. Barack Obama whined about Fox News all the time, but I got to say, he never said that we were an enemy of the people.”

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Obama did indeed decline to appear on Fox News for years until April, when he granted an interview to Wallace to talk about the 2016 election. As Priebus indicated his shock over the fact that Wallace appeared to “forget all the shots” Obama took at Fox News, Wallace responded, “But he never went as far as President Trump has and that’s what’s concerning because it seems like he crosses a line when he talks about that we’re an enemy of the people.”

Here’s Trump’s tweet that started the mainstream media meltdown:

And still, the left and MSM just doesn’t get it. But Main Street America does.

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