George Clooney Jumps On Hillary Bashing Bandwagon And Reveals His Real First Choice For President

Donna Brazile has unleashed a firestorm of anti-Hillary sentiment with her new book. It looks like there may be more high profile Liberals stepping out from behind cover to reveal who they really supported for the 2016 Democrat nomination.

Everybody’s favorite Hollywood liberal George Clooney has also revealed he really was a Joe Biden supporter before he was a Hillary supporter.

The Daily Mail reported:

Avid Hillary Clinton supporter George Clooney actually had his hopes set on Joe Biden for the 2016 presidential election and even offered to work on his campaign, it has been revealed.

The A-list actor, who hosted a lavish $353,400-a-couple fundraiser for Clinton in his home last year, told the former vice president he was willing to provide ‘any and all assistance’ to get him on the ballot. 

The revelation is made in the 74-year-old’s new memoir, Promise Me, Dad: A Year of Hope, Hardship, and Purpose – where Biden implicitly criticizes Clinton’s unrelenting campaign.

And in a pointed dig, he makes note of the fact that he was the more popular politician among Hollywood celebs – specifically the Clooneys – who were presumed to be hardcore Hillary fans during the election.

‘An executive in the entertainment industry had insisted that I had more support in the Hollywood community than Hillary,’ Biden writes.

‘He said I could raise money without a problem. George Clooney got in touch with Steve Ricchetti soon after that.’

In 2015, Clooney told Biden’s chief of staff: ‘I love Joe Biden, and if he decided to do this I will step up with any and all assistance I can provide.

Nothing like the great flip-flop to show your loyalty, right George? Maybe it’s just about getting closest to those in power.

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