GOOD GRIEF! News Outlets Create ‘FAKE NEWS’ Saying Trump Will Remain On The Apprentice After Inauguration

GOOD GREIF! Major News Outlets Create "FAKE NEWS" Saying Trump Will Remain On The Apprentice After Inauguration

Could this get any more ridiculous? And just how long will it take for these so-called major news outlets to lie themselves out of business? Really! Who is going to ever believe them after this?

Here are just some of the major news outlets that have reported that President Elect, Donald Trump, will keep his day job, as “Apprentice” head honcho after the election. Unbelievable.


President-elect Donald Trump will remain an executive producer on the reality television show “The Apprentice” even after takes office next month, and could continue earning a profit from the show, it was revealed on Thursday.

His involvement was confirmed by a representative for MGM, the company that owns the show — which is broadcast on NBC — and Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks said in an email that “Mr. Trump has a big stake in the show and conceived of it with Mark Burnett.”


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Despite being the president-elect, Donald Trump is not getting fired from his spot as the executive producer of NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice.

Early next year the Celebrity Apprentice will return with a new host, Arnold Schwarzenegger, but Trump likely won’t be entirely uninvolved.

Here’s what SNOPES said about it.

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WHAT’S TRUE: Donald Trump will be credited as a producer of “Celebrity Apprentice” when the show returns to air in January 2017.

WHAT’S FALSE: Trump will not be involved with the production of the show, nor will he star on it; Trump may receive residual payments.


Donald Trump will remain as an executive producer on NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice,” even while serving as president of the United States.

That agreement, first reported by Variety and confirmed by sources at NBC and the Trump campaign, means the president will have an interest in a show aired by a media company that also reports on his presidency — a major conflict of interest for the network.

And so what is the truth? Well, here it is, straight from the horses mouth, or twitter account.

So, all the hubbub over fake news? Well, it isn’t coming from the right wing blogs and news sites. Hopefully people will stop supporting these left wing, lying journalists and the companies for which they work.

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