HE COULD’T LET IT GO: Glenn Beck Files Counter Suit Against Tomi Lahren

Glenn Beck has taken a lot of personal and professional hits over the last couple of years, but perhaps none have been so hard a hit to his ego as the current war he is in with one of his biggest stars, Tomi Lahren.

After he “fired” her, she filed a wrongful termination suit, so he responded with this according to the Washington Times.

Glenn Beck has filed a counter lawsuit against Tomi Lahren, claiming the conservative firebrand still remains employed by The Blaze network despite her recent lawsuit for wrongful termination.

Mr. Beck and The Blaze filed the complaint Monday in a Dallas County court, LawNewz.com reported. The suit accuses Ms. Lahren of being a constant headache at The Blaze for “complaining about everything” and being rude to staff. It also alleges that Ms. Lahren “embarrassed the company and many of its staff and other personalities” because her statements on air were “uninformed and inconsistent.”

And then of course, thou shalt not speak ill of Glenn Beck. More from Law News:

… “All of these statements violated Lahren’s obligations in the Employment Agreement.  Thus, Lahren not only breached her Employment Agreement, she repeatedly misstated facts in order to increase coverage of her lawsuit,” Beck’s claim states. 

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The Blaze is seeking an order from a judge which would prohibit any public appearances without the Blaze’s approval (as per her contract), and prevent her from making disparaging or negative statements against Glenn Beck and The Blaze. The complaint also alleges that Lahren’s lawsuit is in violation of an arbitration clause which was part of Lahren’s original employment contract.

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