HELL HAS OFFICIALLY FROZEN OVER! Liberal Celebrities Want To Defend The Constitution (VIDEO)

When you pick yourself up off the floor, ask yourself, “Do liberals even know what the Constitution is or says?” Evidently not, but they’ve tried everything else and failed to gain traction in their attempt to turn America into a socialist, communist state. So why not give this a try, right?

It’s called the “Wall-Of-Us” and they want you to join, and take an oath to preserve, protect and defend the, wait for it… Constitution.

It’s the latest political theater designed to protest the Trump presidency.

Here’s the webpage. The first act to get you into the “club?” Take the oath:

Our story will not be about one man. It will be about a movement of all-of-us.

Now swear:

1. Raise your right hand.

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2. Say these words (and mean them): “I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute my role as an American, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

And, in addition to asking you to share social media messages from their pre written scriptsthere is a video, that outlines what these loony liberals think is in the Constitution. (Hint: None of their demands is in the Constitution.)


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…. by protecting the earth for years to come, by providing healthcare to all, by protecting women’s rights, and keeping marriage for all, by vowing to preserve the EPA, by protecting children everywhere, by fighting for immigration reform, women’s right to healthcare-Planned Parenthood, by thinking before we act. 

Yeah, you remember reading all those things in the Constitution, don’t you?

And so, just who are these Constitutional defenders?


AMELIA MIAZAD is an Afghan-born American girl (no birth certificate folks, you’ll just have to trust her) who became even more true-blue after the November 8th election. Amelia has a law degree from Berkeley Law. In addition to practicing law, Amelia has founded non-profits and led higher educational programs, initiatives, and social enterprises. An eternal optimist, Amelia believes in the power of collective action and looks forward to building the wall-of-us together.     

Amelia’s role is strategic vision and content development.  

KARA GANTER grew up in rural Wisconsin, where it is not polite to talk about politics. She’s a lawyer, a writer, and a technophile. Kara received her JD at the University of Wisconsin Law School to be a more effective agent for change; she pursued educational technology, instructional design, and pedagogy in order to make legal education more engaging for all students. Now she puts all those tools to work to help build programs to train the next generation of leaders in law and social justice. 

Kara’s role is creative vision, web design, and operations – because even a website about resisting ugly policies should be pretty. 

And at the heart of every liberal cause is an anonymous, behind the scenes supporter. Gee, do you wonder who?


We are fortunate to have advisors and volunteers who are leaders in law, policy, technology, government, media, and education. 

Debra Messing joined! Whoohoo!


Quick! Somebody hand these clowns a pocket Constitution and watch their hair catch fire when they can’t find anything about the Affordable Care Act in it.

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