HERE WE GO AGAIN: Another FOX News Employee Files A Sexual Harassment Suit Against Roger Ailes

It looks like there may have been a problem of sexual harassment at FOX News under Roger Ailes. The shake up there seems to be never ending.

Daily Mail has the details:

Two days after a bombshell report revealed that five female employees at Fox News received at least $13million in settlement money after accusing host Bill O’Reilly of harassment, the network has been hit with another lawsuit.

Julie Roginsky filed a complaint with the Supreme Court of the State of New York in the County of New York on Monday claiming that she was sexually harassed by former CEO Roger Ailes during her time at the network and refused a promised promotion when she turned down his sexual advances.

… The court filing claims that Ailes would insist Roginsky, 43, kiss him when she entered the room for these meetings while he sat in his armchair, forcing her to bend down and allowing him to see down her dress.

The complaint also notes Ailes made lewd comments about her co-workers, insisted she kiss him upon entering meetings with him, and promised her a spot on The Five in exchange for sexual favors.

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And she’s ready to take it to the mat:

She is now seeking compensatory and punitive damages in her lawsuit, which could be the first to actually play out in public due to the fact that unlike past women who have sued the network Roginsky does not have an arbitration agreement.

Nancy Erika Smith, who is representing Roginsky, said in a statement: ‘We look forward to a public trial in front of a jury in New York City.’ 

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