HERE WE GO AGAIN! Grammy Stars Told To Bash Trump

Liberals never learn.

The Hollywood Trump bashing has won no support from fans, but that doesn’t stop them.

Expect more of the same.

BlabberBuzz has this:

CHAOS: Grammys Producer Tells Celebrities To Attack Trump In Acceptance Speeches…

Now that we’re gearing up for the Grammys, many are concerned that celebrities will use it as a platform to bash Trump and Republicans in general instead of just patting themselves on the back like they should.

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Of course we’re not just concerned because it’s happened in the past, but because the producer of the Grammys, Ken Ehrlich, is actually encouraging political commentary during the show.

“One of the tenets of our show is artistic freedom, and over the years we’ve shown we do believe in it. How many more times do we need to hear ‘I’d like to thank my publicist, my agent, my wife and kids.’ The great acceptance speeches are ones that have a point of view and are more personal.”

“One of the things I’ve learned from working with artists for 40 years is that they are deep-thinking, vital individuals who have interests that cover a broad cover a broad spectrum of subjects and passions. We should certainly allow for it on the broadcast.”

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How long will it take for the left to learn and switch tactics?

In fact, the more they bash, the more the public supports Trump. So, let it rip.

Make America Great Again!

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