LOL! Here’s a List Of The Ten Most Annoying Liberals Of 2017

There were so many! But some were worse than others, of course. Never let it be said that liberals didn’t do their best in 2017 to attack the conservative cause. Enjoy this compilation of the ten most annoying liberals of last year. compiled this list:

10) Stephen Smith: He’s so smug that he makes Keith Olbermann seem humble, which wouldn’t matter if he just talked about sports.

9) John Conyers: Apparently the longest serving member of Congress had a habit of bad touching female staffers when he wasn’t dropping his pants in front of them.

8) Berkeley: Berkeley or as it’s better known, Fascist U, loves to say it “gave birth to the free speech movement.”

7) Evan McMullin/Jennifer Rubin/Matthew Dowd: Rubin has always been a squish and it’s hard to say how serious McMullin or Dowd ever were about their conservatism, but in the post-Trump world, all three of them are now largely indistinguishable from Nancy Pelosi, except they sound more bitter.

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6)  Sally Kohn: It’s not that Sally Kohn is dumb per se; it’s more like she took a women’s studies class with a wacky professor, was kicked in the head by a horse, and everything she thinks, says and blurts out of her liehole is shaped by that brief childlike moment in time.

5) Jimmy Kimmel: Made news more than once for gratuitously exploiting his sick kid as an excuse to sanctimoniously peddle misinformation about health care.

4) Harvey Weinstein: As a man, I’d like to give a special thank you to Harvey Weinstein for setting off the #metoo movement.

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3) Antifa: A bunch of fascists use Mussolini tactics to try to shut down the speech of anyone they disagree with because of…”we’re gotta fight fascism” or something.

2) Hillary Clinton: She got to spend this year in Costco promoting her book that absolved her of any wrongdoing during the election while Donald Trump got to enjoy being the President.

1) The NFL: The same league that will fine players for wearing Santa Claus-themed cleats at Christmas time allowed its players to disrespect the flag of the country that allowed the spoiled man-children that play for it to become rich, pampered elites. Soccer should be wildly grateful that the NFL has replaced it as America’s most un-American sport.  

Follow the link, above, to see numbers 11-20 and check out the honorable mentions too. While 2018 is still young, there is already a growing list of potential winners for the 2018 honors.


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