SURPRISE! Hillary Tops The List Of Top Ten Recipients Of Islamic Money In 2015/2016

Hillary Tops The List Of Top Ten Recipients Of Islamic Money In 2015/2016

If you believe that campaign contributions don’t come with strings attached, you’re living in a delusional alternate universe. A big part of Donald Trump’s appeal is that his campaign is largely self funded. Hold on to your hats because your head will explode when you see how much money Hillary is getting from … Islamic interests.

On Islamist watch, they posted the top ten receivers of Islamic money. Guess who it number one. And all the other nine are democrats and Bernie Sanders, an independent. Don’t you think it’s telling that there’s not a Republican on this list?

Islamist Watch
Islamist Watch

Top Ten Recipients 2015-2016

Hillary Clinton (D-NY)

Hillary Clinton has received $41,165 from prominent Islamists in 2015-2016. (Click here for full donation history.)

Donors are associated with the following Islamist groups:

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(Click here for group descriptions.)

American Muslim Council (AMC)
Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)
Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA)
Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)
Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC)
Muslim Students Association (MSA)
“SAAR Network” (SAAR)
Donors of particular note:

Ahmad Al-Akhras (CAIR) is past president of CAIR-Ohio, and former vice chairman of CAIR’s national board. Repeatedly defended Columbus men indicted — and later convicted — on terrorism charges.

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Yahya Basha (Muslim Public Affairs Council, American Muslim Council) was president of convicted terror financier Abdurahman Alamoudi’s organization, the American Muslim Council.

Yaqub Mirza (SAAR) is a money manager in several capacities, who was a key organizer of the SAAR Network of terror-supporting entities.

Khurrum Wahid (CAIR) is the former legal advisor for CAIR national, and founder of Emerge USA, which grooms new Islamist leaders for participation in American politics.

Safaa Zarzour (CAIR, ISNA) a Chicago lawyer, was first the president and chair of CAIR-Chicago, and then secretary-general of ISNA.

There is no free money, folks! And when you hear that Hillary is an extension of the Obama administration and their love affair with Islam, believe it.

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