Hollywood’s Julianne Moore Wants To Limit The Number Of Guns You Can Own (VIDEO)

They just never quit and they never seem to get it. Guns aren’t the problem. People are the problem. And no amount of regulation will stop law breakers from committing crimes with guns. But Julianne Moore is going to push the issue. Maybe because she really believes this stuff, or maybe she just wants to bump up her own press. Either way The View gave her a platform.

Breitbart reports:

Actress Julianne Moore called for the implementation of a gun registry and for limitations to be placed on the number of guns Americans can own during an appearance Thursday on ABC’s The View.

Host Whoopi Goldberg introduced Moore by talking about the actress’s affiliation with Michael Bloomberg-funded Everytown for Gun Safety. Goldberg stressed the word “safety” and said, “It’s not about gun control, it’s about safety.”


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Moore took her cue, smiled and said, “Yes, it’s about safety.” She continued:

“People like to talk about, ‘It’s a Second Amendment issue,’ [but] it’s a safety issue. A gun is a machine. For instance, when cars were introduced we had any number of fatalities because we didn’t have safety regulations. We didn’t have seat belts and speed limits and air bags. So we’re asking for those same kinds of things with guns. Registration, licensing, background checks. I also think, personally, limitations on the amount of firearms you can own.”

Isn’t it amazing how elites like Moore can make movies wielding guns, but cry foul about your right to protect yourself by owning one?

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