HOW HUMILIATING! David Brock of Media Matters Gets Brushed Off By Leftist Base

Media Matters has been one of the internet’s biggest leftist attack dogs on the conservative movement. As the socialist, leftist movement continues to implode, the “players” are scrambling to rebuild their structure and power hold, along with also trying to maintain their “positions” within that structure.

David Brock has failed to contribute to the movement’s success and so, his base has failed to show him the love he thinks he deserves.

The Daily Beast brutally exposes the David Brock dis:

In the weeks since Donald Trump pulled off a surprise victory over Hillary Clinton, party stalwarts have scrambled to identify key figures for a robust revitalization in a post-Obama era.

Brock, founder of the media watchdog Media Matters for America and liberal super PACs American Bridge and Correct the Record, has volunteered himself to lead the reconstruction, vowing to “kick Donald Trump’s ass.”

Yeah, sure he is.

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The reviews coming in on his past performance are not favorable.

Meanwhile, many Democratic grassroots activists and campaign alums have been giving his proposed plans some stern side-eye.

“His ability to produce wins for Democrats is nonexistent,” Jeff Weaver, former campaign manager for Bernie Sanders’s 2016 presidential run, told The Daily Beast. “He does not have the kind of understanding of what kind of coalition you have to bring together to win national races—that’s his fundamental problem.”

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And the Obama camp concurs with the low opinion of Brock.

But the friction between Brock and Democrats is not merely limited to its more progressive faction—many alumni of Obama’s campaigns and White House, as well as Hillary Clinton’s failed 2016 run, say they want Brock to stay far away from the Democrats’ future plans.

“I don’t think David Brock has been helpful to the party to date, and I don’t think he will be a big part of its future,” a former senior Clinton campaign official told The Daily Beast. “And it’s surprising that many other people don’t see it that way.”

Clearly, the left, which has a reputation for playing the “long game” didn’t plan for a Trump revolution upsetting their game plans. They have no bench from which to draw new “talent.”

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