Huma Abedin Begs Court For Mercy In Sentencing Of Husband Anthony Weiner

The coupling of Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner has to be the strangest union since Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Weiner was convicted of sexting a minor and was left by his wife Huma Abedin. But that hasn’t stopped her from pleading for mercy, or trying to keep him out of jail.

The Daily Mail reported this:

Huma Abedin is begging a federal court to grant leniency to her estranged husband Anthony Weiner as he faces prison time for sending sexual materials to a 15-year-old girl, saying a light sentence would be in the best interests of the couple’s young son.

Weiner, who pleaded guilty in May to federal obscenity charges related to his online sexual relationship with the teenager, is scheduled to be sentenced later this month. He faces a maximum of 10 years in prison, but prosecutors have requested between 21 and 27 months.

Abedin, who filed for divorce last May, is now asking the court to go easy on Weiner in order to reduce the impact on their five-year-old son, Joshua.

His name was removed from court documents made public Thursday, and large portions were redacted. 

Weiner’s parents and brother also wrote to the judge, as did members of his recovery program for sex addiction.

Let’s hope the judge isn’t influenced by inside the beltway elites and gives a fair and just punishment due to a sex offender who preyed on a minor.

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