Ingrate Omarosa Goes On Celebrity Big Brother And Bashes Trump (VIDEO)

Didn’t Donald Trump make a star out of Omarosa? Didn’t he take her all the way to the White House with him?

It looks like her tearful departure from the White House was well deserved. It seems Omarosa doesn’t know a good thing when she sees it, and now she’s casting stones at the very person who enabled her to rise to stardom. This kind of disrespect really takes nerve. Really, really pathetic.

Simply amazing. Watch this video.

NBC News reports:

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Former White House staffer Omarosa Manigault Newman teared up while discussing her time at the White House and said on CBS’s “Celebrity Big Brother” that the Trump administration is “so bad.”

During a conversation with television personality Ross Mathewsabout her time as Trump’s director of communications for the Office of Public Liaison, Newman said the situation in the White House is bad and should cause worry.

“It’s not my circus, not my monkeys, I’d like to say not my problem but I can’t say that because— Like, it’s bad,” she told Mathews in a tearful conversation during the show’s second episode.

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And it gets worse:

When Mathews asked if the public should be worried, Newman nodded.

Mathews said he had hoped for her reassurance on the state of the country.

No,” she said, “it’s going to not be okay. It’s not.”

“So bad,” Newman added seconds later.

Newman, a former contestant on Trump’s NBC show “The Apprentice,” also did not mince words about the president’s social media habit.

“I was haunted by tweets every single day, like what is he gonna tweet next?” she said.

You may be like a lot of people who are wondering why is Omarosa famous in the first place? Here’s betting she’s got a short-lived future in the public eye.


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