IT TAKES GUTS: Only One Republican Voted Against Paul Ryan In Order To Drain The Swamp

When Donald Trump ran on a platform of “draining the swamp” the inference was that he would clean out Washington DC. Well, it looks like there was only one man there who took him literally.

When we got rid of John Boehner, few thought his replacement Paul Ryan was a step in the right direction in resuming a more conservative path for the country. And during the election, many thought his behavior toward Trump was a confirmation of just that. Well, Congressman Thomas Massie was the only one to vote his conscience when electing a Speaker for the upcoming session.

Restoring Liberty published this.

On the first day of the 115th Congress, Paul Ryan was re-elected as speaker of the House. The vote would have been unanimous, except for the vote of one conservative dissenter.

In an effort to “drain the swamp,” Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky cast the lone Republican vote against Speaker Ryan, and voted for Florida Rep. Daniel Webster.

Kind of hard to argue with this logic.

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It’s not like this should have been a surprise. He declared his intentions in November. Good on him for the follow through.

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Republican Congressman Thomas Massie says Speaker Paul Ryan does not presently have his vote for House Speaker. Massie further indicated that if no conservative steps up to run to fill Ryan’s job, he’d be open to doing it himself.

“We need change,” Massie explained. “If it came to that, I would do it.”

“In just a few days [November 15th] there’ll be the nomination, and the constitutional election will happen on January 3rd. Presently Paul Ryan does not have my vote,” Massie said in a podcast with Reason’s Nick Gillespie.

It only takes one spark to light a fire. Let’s hope it spreads.

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