James Woods Defends Dolly Parton Over Emmy Appearance – Liberal Actresses Sandbagged Her

Since the Emmy’s aired there has been a controversy surrounding the slam-bash of the president by Lilly Tomlin, Jane Fonda and possibly, Dolly Parton.

It took most Parton fans by surprise and it quite possibly took Parton by surprise, as well. While she graciously tried to joke her way out of the situation, she never made any statements renouncing the Trump bashing. So the speculation that she agreed with the bad behavior grew on the internet.

One person has stepped up to defend Dolly. James Woods doesn’t think Dolly was a willing participant in the shenanigans and he said so on Twitter:

Western Journalism ads more to the narrative:

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James Woods, who worked with Parton on the film Straight Talk, insists Parton would never have approved of Tomlin’s and Fonda’s anti-Trump sentiment.

Woods said in a tweet that they had “sandbagged” Parton.

… Woods asks fans not to judge Parton for the statements of the “gargoyles” next to her. He argues Parton was “so off-guard” that she was “literally speechless.”

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And like the true gentleman that he is, Woods continued his defense of Parton:

Here’s how Dolly handled the awkward situation:

Time reported:

After Fonda and Tomlin finished, according to the Tennessean, Parton attempted to defuse the situation.

“I think that Lily was talking about Mr. Hart,” she said, referring to the 9 to 5 villain who was played by Dabney Coleman.

“He’s still up to his no good stuff, right? How about a shout out for Dabney Coleman out there? I’m just here to have a good time tonight,” Parton said.

Since the Emmys experienced the lowest ratings ever, maybe they’ll wise up and stop this nonsense.

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