JESSE WATTERS Asks U.S. Citizenship Questions At Arizona State University And It Doesn’t Go Well (VIDEO)

But it was very funny!

Fourth of July is the best time to find out America’s “citizenship” chops. Jessie Watters recently tested students at Arizona State and it didn’t go well.

Conservative Tribune added this commentary, which is spot on, by the way.

First, there was the matter of how many senators there are. Answers ranged from “seven or 12” to 50. (On the latter, the student who proffered the answer vouchsafed that “I know this.”)

The correct answer, obviously, is 114 — two for each of the 57 states that Barack Obama visited during the 2008 campaign. (Or 100 if you’re not a Democrat.)

Next was the matter of when the presidential election was held. Answers included January, March, April, August and December. To be fair, one of the students answered twice after Watters told him that his answer of March was incorrect. After being told the election took place in the fall, he tendered another suggestion: August.

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And then there was the pièce de résistance: a student who insisted that America gained its independence in 1984 as opposed to 1776.

Here’s the video!

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You’ll enjoy the renditions of the Star Spangled Banner, but there is so much more.

WATERS: How many senators are there?

Is it 7 0r 12,

I know this. 50, two.

God, this is like from seventh grade.

WATERS: What month do we vote for president?




WATERS: Not April, that’s when you pay your taxes.

No I thought March was when you pay your taxes.


WATERS: It’s in the fall.


WATERS: August is the summer.

Yes, these kids are our future. OMG!

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