Morning Joe And Mika Promote Military Insubordination Against Trump (VIDEO)

Criticizing political policy is one thing but Morning Joe and Mika are very close to crossing a dangerous line here. At a certain point, their Trump derangement syndrome is going to put people in danger. In the video below, they are actually suggesting that the military stop listening to the President of the United States.

News Busters reported:

Morning Joe Promotes Military Insubordination Based on Claim That Trump Has ‘Dementia’

On Friday’s Morning Joe, the show’s liberal pundits doubled down on their claim that everybody around Trump thinks he has signs of serious mental deterioration. Host Joe Scarborough did not reveal his source for yesterday’s assertion that Trump has “dementia,” but he and the other panelists used this claim to advocate for current military servicemen and presidential cabinet members to “stand up to Trump” and not follow orders from the President.

Here’s a partial transcript:

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: I also think he’s never — and it’s like a lot of people that we’ve seen in the past, that things have not ended well. He has never seen the consequences of any of his actions. Ever.

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[murmurs of agreement from panel]

So he may be in kind of a weird unself-aware mode where the noose is tightening, but he also doesn’t believe — so, I mean, I can’t explain this crazy behavior, but I can call it crazy.

DONNY DEUTSCH: I have a question for you guys, ‘cause you know-

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BRZEZINSKI: It’s crazy.

DEUTSCH: -the Gary Cohns of the world and all of these people around him, a lot of very, very decent people.


DEUTSCH: At what point do they stop the “well, I’m — it’s better me being here-

BRZEZINSKI: [interjecting] No.

SCARBOROUGH: [interjecting] So-.

DEUTSCH: -cause I’m protecting things” versus “I love this country. I love my children. I love my future grandchildren. There’s a man with his hand near the nuclear button and somebody’s gotta stand up.”

Watch the video:

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