Joe Scarborough Flips On Gun Control And Now Calls For Assault Weapon Ban

Is this a new trend in so-called conservative media personalities? Megyn Kelly has turned in her conservative card for ratings among the liberal audience. And now Joe Scarborough has left his support for the NRA in his 2013 campaign platform to advocate for gun bans. Hypocrisy much?

Newsbusters reports:

Joe Scarborough has spent the last two days on MSNBC advocating for an assault weapons ban and railing in no uncertain terms against the National Rifle Association. Yet documents revealed in 2013 by the Daily Caller and recently republished by Grabien show that, as a Congressional candidate, Scarborough had nothing but glowing words for the NRA. 

On Thursday, NewsBusters covered Scarborough’s absurd rant against congressional Republicans and the NRA, in which he spat fiery rhetoric about “useful idiots” and “domestic terrorist enablers” playing a complicit role in the murders of children. Grabien reported Friday that  Scarborough had doubled down, first by accusing gun manufacturers of “profiting off of children being slaughtered in school,” and then by arguing that “it’s not a constitutional right to have assault weapons.” 

Good luck telling that to candidate Joe. When Scarborough was running to represent Florida’s 1st District, he defined assault weapons as “anything the government would fear the people could use to protect their rights.”

Here’s the money quote from candidate Joe, when he was a congressman:

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The NRA must elect & support candidates who will view the gun rights issue as a constitutional battle. The founding fathers did not give us the 2nd amendment to protect our rights to shoot ducks. Our constitutional right to bear arms is so we may protect our family in the manner we choose. No compromise!

Who’s next to turn in their conservative card? Still doesn’t diminish the truth that guns don’t kill people. People kill people.

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