NO MORE DOUBLE STANDARDS: SNL Writer Who Wrote Awful Tweet About Barron Trump Indefinitely Suspended

Children of presidents should be off limits. But liberal media maniacs have been enjoying a cultural double standard on this for so long they must have forgotten. Vulgar comments tweeted about Barron Trump by SNL writer Katie Rich are a serious reminder about compassion and tolerance. She’s now been suspended indefinitely.

Independent Journal Review reports:

The targeting of Donald Trump’s ten-year-old son, Barron, by trolls and media personalities has been the source of widespread outrage since Friday’s inauguration. Now, Independent Journal Review can confirm that at least one of the high profile personality who mocked Barron has been “suspended indefinitely” from her job at NBC.

In a quote given to IJR, a person familiar with the situation has confirmed that Katie Rich, a writer for Saturday Night Live, was suspended immediately after her tweet calling Barron a ‘homeschool shooter.’ The source made clear that Rich’s suspension was indefinite and effective immediately. This would explain the absence of Rich’s name from the credits of the most recent episode of Saturday Night Live.

During the presidential inauguration ceremony on Friday, Rich took to Twitter to declare:

And in a surprising outcry from even her fellow liberals it looks like there are some things even they won’t tolerate. So, she issued an apology.

Now if we can just get the Justice Department to file charges against Madonna’s violent comments about blowing up the White House.


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