WHAT? LEFTIST JOURNALIST Calls Kellyanne ‘The Darkness’ That Is Killing Democracy (VIDEO)

Unless this guy grew up under a rock, he should be locked away in a “dark” room until he learns some manners. Even an extreme leftist world view is no excuse for this.

USA Today columnist, Michael Wolff, calls Kellyanne Conway “the darkness” that is killing democracy.

Newsbusters had this:

USA Today columnist Michael Wolff came out and said what every liberal journalist probably thinks of the Donald Trump administration and said it to Kellyanne Conway’s face: “You’re the darkness.” 

At Wednesday’s Newseum “Press and the President” forum, Wolff recited the Washington Post’s new slogan to Trump’s White House counselor and admitted what the Post was really driving at: “I’m gonna tell you, when they say ‘Democracy Dies in Darkness,’ you’re the darkness.” 

Good grief!

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MICHAEL WOLFF: How personal do you take this? 

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KELLYANNE CONWAY: How personal, how personally do I take what? 

WOLFF: What the, this, this coverage of you “Democracy Dies in Darkness?” Because I’m gonna tell you, when they say “Democracy Dies in Darkness,” you’re the darkness.

CONWAY: I’m not the darkness.

WOLFF: No and I don’t mean that –   

CONWAY: Getting used to the skit “Walking on Sunshine.” 

WOLFF: That’s not, that’s not a – 

CONWAY: You’re saying that’s what it’s meant to be? 

WOLFF: Yeah that’s not, certainly an attack here. 

CONWAY: But again, it’s what I tell small children. Just because somebody says something, doesn’t make it true. And it’s a great lesson for everyone. And just because, you know, they say the darkness or democracy, it doesn’t make it true. 

Here’s the full video. Kellyanne handles herself pretty well:


The left will never quit taking shots at Trump and his administration.

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