WATCH: LEFTIST LOONS Protest Breitbart News But Have NO IDEA WHY (VIDEO)

Common sense has completely taken a vacation in the minds of leftist progressives.

This video is a very sad commentary on a segment of American culture that has abdicated any responsibility for independent thought or reason.

Here’s a peek into the mind(s), or lack there of, of the liberal left:


It says petty, greedy, mean little journalists. To be honest with you, I didn’t make it. I was handed it, while I was here.

… Donald Trump is a fascist and he needs to be removed at the soonest possible time, because in the name of humanity, what it will mean. If he’s allowed to stay in power. 


I didn’t vote. 

You get the drift…

The Hollywood Reporter has more:

The group aimed to “hold the Trump Administration accountable for its unprecedented assault on the free press.”
A group of anti-Trump, anti-propaganda protesters gathered Sunday afternoon outside Breitbart News offices in Brentwood on Sunday.

Scheduled from 1-4 p.m., the protest included people chanting and holding signs that read “Breitbart News = Despicable!” and “Fake News” in a circle with a line over it.

KTLA reporter Eric Spillman captured video of what seemed to be roughly 50-60 protesters outside the offices…

These people are nuts.

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