Leftist Media DESPERATE To Drive A “Power” Narrative For Hillary (VIDEO)

Leftist Media DESPARATE To Drive A "Power" Narrative For Hillary (VIDEO)

Have you ever wondered why, weeks before what is possibly the most important election in U.S. history, are we talking about birther issues and not the economy, immigration, healthcare, entitlements? … Because the media doesn’t want you to know their preferred candidate is a loser on those issues, is a weak leader. … Because they want to drive the narrative. … Because they think you will follow their narrative, blindly.

Seriously? Does she look powerful? Still not convinced? Watch this video. The left is DESPERATE to paint a picture of a strong, powerful leader in Hillary. … Good luck with that.

And here’s just a little of what t message the left is pushing.

Robby Mook: HRC Campaign Manager “She made a decision to just power through this.” “We’ve decided to power through sometimes.” “Just power through…”

Brook Baldwin: “I appreciate all of her desire to power through.”

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Jennifer Granholm: “They say when you get a cold, just power through.”

Dr. Sanjay Gupta: “… wants to power through things.”

Ashley Banfield: “Governor Jennifer Granholm said, ‘Women just power though these things.”

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