Liberal Newspaper Wants To Remove The National Anthem From Sporting Events

Since when does a liberal newspaper dictate when the national anthem is played, anywhere? If the Chicago Tribune has it’s way, there will be no more anthem at sporting events. This has gone way past just taking a knee.

News Busters reports:

With athletes, cheerleaders and singers across the nation now commonly dissing Old Glory, The Chicago Tribune suggests it’s not even appropriate for corporations to play the national anthem at sporting events. On The Town Editor Kevin Williams argues the Star Spangled Banner is getting the disrespect it deserves because it shouldn’t be used at sporting events owned by private businesses.

Williams wrote “if we didn’t put the anthem where it doesn’t belong, maybe people wouldn’t use it in the wrong way.

But who gets to determine a right and wrong way or the proper time and place for the national anthem? Attaching the Star Spangled Banner to sporting events is a long and cherished tradition in this country. Sports fans obviously love the pre-game ceremony and see it as part of the ball park and American experiences.

Clueless! Here’s how Williams sees it:

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Everybody is fighting over a few minutes of music but nobody is asking whether, in the context of the business of a corporate moneymaking enterprise, its use is appropriate. A role at a corporation isn’t a source of national pride.

Why? Are we celebrating that we live in America? Then play the anthem before you make dinner, or when you wake up in the morning.

Does the place where you work play the national anthem before each day begins?

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Does this guy think other countries don’t like their anthems? Most international events play both anthems and both teams show equal respect for the other team’s country.

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