LIBERAL MEDIA MELTDOWN: Conservatives And Skype Questions Now Welcome In White House (VIDEO)

As the left creates chaos and mayhem across the country, liberals in the White House press corps are squirming in their seats as the Trump administration casts a wider media net. It’s absolutely brilliant.

NewsBusters said this:

On Wednesday, the White House took the historic step to involve four journalists from outside Washington D.C. in the Daily Press Briefing, but it didn’t sit well with many establishment media types inside the Beltway and New York City who complained they were too soft for their liking.

Ahead of the briefing, CNN’s Dylan Byers reported that the decision upset some in the White House press corps, fretting that press secretary Sean Spicer would use them to divert attention from what in-house reporters wanted to talk about.

“The addition of outside questioners has unnerved some members of the existing White House press corps, who fear the Trump administration is using the initiative to dilute critical questions from veteran journalists with softballs from supportive outsiders,” Byers explained.

Maybe the liberals were frosted because the Skype questioners ask better, more direct questions than they do.

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RADIO HOST DALE JACKSON: Sean, thank you very much for taking questions from outside the elite media bubble there in D.C. My question is about immigration. Donald Trump made this the forefront of his campaign, the foundation of it, yet the DACA and DAPA programs still exist and I learned from a member of congress yesterday that the Trump admiinstariong is still issuing the work permits that some of these individuals [inaudible] The question is, when are some of these programs going to be ended, and question 2, when will they stop issuing work permits to these individuals?

Fox News added this:

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While the questions were substantive – Herbick asked about economic recovery in Cleveland, Larson asked about land management and Jobe raised the topic of coal – the interactions were far more collegial than some of the tense exchanges seen between Spicer and members of the press corps in the early days of the Trump administration.

Herbick at one point thanked “Secretary Spicer” for the “rare opportunity.” In the briefing room, several of the reporters chuckled at the title typically reserved for Cabinet secretaries, not the press secretary.

The Daily Caller chronicled some liberal media snark via Twitter.

It just goes to show competition is best for everything. Inside the beltway “journalists” haven’t had to live in that world for a long time.

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