MEDIA SNOWFLAKE Worried About Police Overreach After London Attacks (VIDEO)

Even though we know the liberal media is biased against common sense, sometimes it’s still stunning to see how far from reality they actually live. This crazy MSNBC commentator tried to suggest that police may be too heavy handed in putting a stop to terrorists after the most recent London attack.

Newsbusters reported this:

MSNBC’s Richard Lui appears to be testing the limits of irresponsible media coverage of terrorist incidents. Up until now, the press has fretted in the aftermath of such attacks about possible retaliations or “backlash” against Muslims or others not involved in them, even though such misguided revenge-seeking has rarely occurred. Saturday evening, Lui worried about police “overreacting” shortly after terror attacks in London which, as of the time of this post, had taken the lives of seven innocents and injured 48 others, including 21 critically.

All of the carnage and mayhem which had just occurred didn’t stop Lui from wondering, concerning post-attack attempts to restore order, whether “there’s a risk of overreaction, of deploying … too much force.”

Here’s the video. You won’t believe it:

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Transcript (first 1:03 of video segment):

RICHARD LUI: When you have analyzed these incidents post facto as well as during, as you have so many times with me and others here on MSNBC and NBC News, what is the risk — there’s certainly a risk of underreaction — but is there any risk of overreaction, of deploying too much? You know, as we’ve been watching all of this live coming into our satellite center here in New York City, and then beaming it out from London, is there ever a point where you go, “Well, that’s too much, or you shouldn’t be applying that amount of force there”?

JIM CAVANAUGH, NBC NEWS LAW ENFORCEMENT ANALYST: Well, you know, in the city, the experience and the attacks, when there’s multiple attacks, really I don’t think the response could be too large, to get enough officers and investigators there to quickly quell and then find out what’s going on.

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It’s not a question of too many officers. It’s a question of using them adequately, smartly, getting all the help you can get.

Even more shocking is that this guy holds employment at a national media outlet. Even for a lefty, he’s pretty out there.

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