OF COURSE: Obama Blames The Democrats’ Massive 2016 Loss On “FAKE NEWS” (VIDEO)

LIBERAL PROPAGANDA: Obama Joins In "Fake News" Bashing

Liberals lost the election and need something to blame it on. It can’t possibly be their policies, can it? It must be fake news that’s spread on the internet. Even Obama is making this silly claim.

Breitbart reported:

President Barack Obama joined the liberal chorus of criticizing “fake news” suggesting that the so-called fact-free journalism spread on social media was part of the reason why Democrats lost in the 2016 election.

“If, generally, we’ve got elections that aren’t focused on issues and are full of fake news and false information and distractions, then the issue is not going to be what’s happening from the outside; the issue is going to be what are we doing for ourselves from the inside,” Obama said during a press conference in Peru over the weekend.

Obama discussed the issue as reporters questioned him about Russia hacking the Democratic National Committee and seemingly releasing emails to swing the election.

He said that he was less concerned about propaganda and hacking and more concerned about the way information was promulgated on social media.

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OBAMA: Part of what’s changed in politics is social media and how people are receiving information. It’s easier to make negative attacks and simplistic slogans than it is to communicate complex policies. But we’ll figure it out. 

Here’s a video of Obama talking about this:

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Obama won the 2008 and 2012 elections connecting with young voters through social media. But now he thinks this is all a sham?

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