LOOKOUT NANCY! A Sanders Supporter Will Challenge Her In Primary

Great news! Someone is finally challenging Nancy Pelosi for her seat.

But is it worse that a Sanders supporter is looking to unseat her?

Independent Journal Review has this.

A challenger has recently emerged to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for her San Francisco-based congressional seat, the Los Angeles Times reports. The candidate is employment attorney Stephen R. Jaffe who volunteered for Bernie Sanders during the 2016 presidential election.

Jaffe, 71, describes himself as “a pretty hard-core Bernie supporter.” He was a volunteer at the caucus in Nevada and filed for a now-denied injunction on Sander’s behalf during the California primary to allow for an extension of the deadline for voter registration.

The L.A. Times has more:

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“I was a pretty hard-core Bernie supporter,” said Jaffe, who gave money to the campaign and volunteered during the Nevada caucuses. He was one of two attorneys who filed for an injunction on behalf of Sanders supporters in the California primary, requesting “re-votes” and an extension of the voter registration deadline.

Town Hall says the plundering of Democrats in the last election has motivated an uprising to sweep clean the establishment.

“Pelosi’s attitude has incited Sanders supporters to recruit progressive candidates to challenge establishment Democrats in their primary elections. Nancy Pelosi’s challenger, employment attorney Stephen Jaffe, recently launched his campaign . . . “My goal is to try to pull the Democratic Party away from the establishment, corporations, big money, big oil, big pharma, and return it to the people.”

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Jaffe co-founded the South Beach District 6 Democratic Club in San Francisco, for which he currently serves as president, and has a strong record of fighting for grassroots efforts in the congressional district Pelosi represents. Recently, he’s been pushing to remove dark money from politics in the San Francisco area.

It looks like Nancy will feel the Bern!

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