DISCRIMINATION! Maine Business Owner Refuses To Service Trump Supporters

Perhaps the days of forcing business owners to provide services, and not discriminate due to their political beliefs is dead now that Obama is packing his bags. Maybe bakers will no longer have to bake cakes for gay weddings.

A guy in Maine is refusing to serve customers who supported Trump in the election.

Lifezette reported the double standard.

An owner of a propane dealership in Maine is refusing to deliver gas to anyone who voted for President-elect Donald Trump.

Michael Turner, owner of Turner LP Gas in Skowhegan, Maine, recorded a voice mail greeting that leaves little question as to his feelings for those in his community who supported Trump.

“Thank you for calling Turner LP gas. If you voted for Donald Trump for president I will no longer be delivering your gas — please find someone else,” the message states.

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And this must be a trend that’s taking hold, because other anti-Trump business owners have followed suit in denying services based on customer support for Trump during the election.

Mr. Turner isn’t the first person to refuse to do business with Trump voters — in late November, Mathew Blanchfield, CEO of an Albuquerque, New Mexico-based marketing firm, issued a statement saying he would no longer work with Trump supporters.

Listen to this!

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You’ve got to wonder about the intelligence of Michael Turner. While he thinks he’s putting the squeeze on his customers who need propane during the cold Maine winters, he failed to calculate just how many of his customers were Trump supporters. Most in his county overwhelmingly voted Trump. If Turner stands firm on his anti-Trump boycott, he may just run himself out of business.

But unlike Mr. Blanchfield who lives in a county that voted solidly for Hillary Clinton, Mr. Turner lives in a county that overwhelmingly supported Trump. Trump won Somerset County, Maine — in which Skowhegan is located — 57.73 percent to Hillary Clinton’s 35 percent.

Obviously Mr. Turner isn’t a rocket scientist.

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