MARYLAND PARENTS BEWARE: Your Boys Could Be Guilty Of Rape Until Proven Innocent

At least that’s the way they want to teach it in Maryland schools. And that pesky Constitution? They want you to forget about all that nonsense.

What kind of chaos does this create in innocent dating relationships and how do you teach this to kids?

The College Fix is on top of this story:

Maryland considers teaching kids that boys are presumed guilty in rape accusations

“Affirmative consent” is a fuzzy concept even for adults, which is why one of them taught 10th graders in California that they must say “yes” every 10 minutes during sex or it becomes rape.

The concept was enshrined in state law in October 2015, and since then California has remained the only state to legally require “yes means yes” be taught in public schools.

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Maryland could soon be the second.

The Washington Post reports that a House of Delegates committee is considering a bill today (HB 365) that would set up a pilot program in Montgomery County, just outside Washington, D.C.

It would “provide instruction on affirmative consent as part of a specified curriculum in specified grades in public schools in the county beginning in the 2017-2018 school year.”

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So, are consenting adults now going to be required to sign waivers before commencing with amorous activity? Maybe…

But that’s just the start for the sponsors, Montgomery County Democratic Dels. Ariana Kelly and Marice Morales, according to the Post:

“The two lawmakers say they are drafting a companion piece of legislation that would extend the mandate statewide.

Both measures would define consent as “clear, unambiguous, knowing, informed and voluntary agreement between all participants to engage in each act within the course of sexual activity.”

The Post report fails to note that affirmative consent essentially shifts the burden of proof onto the accused student, which in the vast majority of cases is a male being accused by a female.

The key part is the “burden of proof.” Rather than being on the accuser, the accused must prove they are innocent.

It’s Orwellian.

Beyond that, where’s the parental influence in the curriculum? Where’s the abstinence component?

Again the left has stepped in to mold culture and left parents out of the equation.

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