Meet The Radical Leftist Who Created A List Of So-Called “FAKE” Conservative News Sites

Meet The Progressive Leftist Who Created The List Of So-Called "Fake" Conservative Websites

The leftist social media sites are happy about the latest attack on conservative new media. A self proclaimed expert, a professor of communications/media studies at Merrimack College in Maine, has compiled a list of “fake” news sites for the convenience of her students. And the liberal media promoting it.

Here’s the list as promoted on a google doc, titled: 

False, Misleading, Clickbait-y, and/or Satirical “News” Sources (2,3) (1) (2, 3) (1)
The Free Thought Project (3) (1)
Politicalo (1) (2, 3)
*Website Removed* (temporarily)
Addicting Info (3) (1) (3) (includes 4)
Associated Media Coverage
Huzlers (4)
*Website Removed* (temporarily)
Being Liberal
React 365
Indecision Forever (1)
IJR (Independent Journal Review) (1, 4)
Bipartisan Report (3)
InfoWars (1, 2)
BizPac Review
Red State (3)
Blue Nation Review (2,3)
Reductress (4)
Breitbart (2, 3) (1, 4)
Call the Cops (4)
Satira Tribune
Cap News (4) (4) (4)
Liberal America
The Blaze
The Free Thought Project (3) (1)
Borowitz Report (4) (4)
The Onion (4) (2)
The Other 98% (3)
CollectiveEvolution (3) (1)
The Reporterz (2) (1)
The Stately Harold (2) (1)
ConspiracyWire ( (2) (1) (2)
Naha Daily (4)
National Report
*Website Removed* (temporarily) (1) (1) (3)
NC Scooper
NCT (New Century Times)
*Website Removed* (temporarily)
*Website Removed* (temporarily)
News Examiner
USA Supreme
Daily Wire (1)
US.Blasting.News (1)
US Uncut (3) (1)
Newslo (1, 4) (1, 4)
*Website Removed*
Newswatch 28 (1)
Newswatch 33
Winning Democrats (4)
World Net Daily
World News Daily Report (4)
Empire Herald
Empire News (1)
Occupy Democrats (3)
ZeroHedge has the background on Melissa Zimdars.

Melissa Zimdars has taken it upon herself to become the ultimate authority for what is considered to be a, “False, Misleading, Clickbait-y, and/or Satirical “News” Source. On November 14, Zimdars posted a list of scary conservative websites that, “shouldn’t be trusted” on her Facebook page. As one would expect, the safe spaces, crybaby, #HesNotMyPresident crowd jumped on this list as a way to discredit the very sources who helped expose Hillary Clinton and her web of lies leading up to the election.

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There is no question that conservative websites and conservative social media accounts played a large part in the outcome of the election by offering Americans an alternative to the Trump bashing, pro-Hillary mainstream media. The only problem is, that her list, (or some variation of the same list), has been circulating around Facebook for over a year. In other words, there is nothing original or unique about her conservative website “hit list”. Since our website starts with a number, we were unfortunately placed at the top of the list. That was also the case over one year ago when this “list” first surfaced on Facebook. 

It appears that Melissa is a far left leaner as she follows some pretty “out there” groups. Not a surprise to anyone with a little common sense. Just another lefty progressive trying to sway her corner of the world into socialist domination.

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