Megyn Kelly Takes A Sharp Left Turn And Becomes A Gun Control Advocate (VIDEO)

It was painfully apparent to everyone during the Republican debates that the conservative Megyn Kelly we all loved on FOX had changed as she tried to slice up then candidate Trump. After her exit from FOX her career has been struggling as she tries to make a go of it at NBC. Now Megyn is trying to gain the favor of “anybody” as she has now become a gun control advocate.

Watch this video:

Newsbusters reported:

In the wake of Wednesday’s horrific shooting at a Florida high school, on Thursday, NBC anchor Megyn Kelly took time out of the beginning of her 9:00 a.m. ET hour show to demand gun control, blast Second Amendment advocates, and label politicians who opposed such regulations as cowardly and “weak.”

She began her rant by citing a misleading and politically-motivated statistic from an anti-gun lobbyist group that all three of the network evening newscasts pushed Wednesday night: “There have been at least 12, at least 12 school shootings in America so far in 2018. It’s February 15th. We’re averaging one just about every three or four days. How are we doing, America? Everyone okay with that?”…

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“And then there are the guns. Don’t even think about it. Don’t even think about it. No gun reforms are getting through. They’re not! And most of the ones that will be proposed in the wake of this shooting will be utterly meaningless and wouldn’t have even arguably prevented this killing. The NRA is too powerful, our politicians are too weak, and the guns are too ubiquitous.”

Wasn’t there a day, Megyn, when you would have argued, it’s not the guns that kill people, it’s people who kill people?

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