Megyn Kelly In Time Magazine: Trump’s Election A Setback For Women

Will Megyn Kelly ever learn? She ruined her career by going after Trump in the Republican primary. She lost all her political cred with conservative audiences and left the FOX network with her tail between her legs. And now she seems to want to beat a dead horse by jumping on board with the left and bashing the president in an interview with Time Magazine.

Here’s what she said, in Newsbusters:

It came more than 30 paragraphs into the cover story, but Kelly sounds like an NBC employee by declaring that Donald Trump’s victory was a setback for women: That Donald Trump could express himself that way and still be elected President is part of what stoked the rage that fueled the Women’s March the day after his Inauguration….

Megyn Kelly, the NBC anchor who revealed in October that she had complained to Fox News executives about Bill O’Reilly’s treatment of women, and who was a target of Trump’s ire during the campaign, says the tape as well as the tenor of the election turned the political into the personal. “I have real doubts about whether we’d be going through this if Hillary Clinton had won, because I think that President Trump’s election in many ways was a setback for women,” says Kelly, who noted that not all women at the march were Clinton supporters. “But the overall message to us was that we don’t really matter.”

… Kelly also was quoted at the cover story’s end:

We’re still at the bomb-throwing point of this revolution, a reactive stage at which nuance can go into hiding. But while anger can start a revolution, in its most raw and feral form it can’t negotiate the more delicate dance steps needed for true social change….

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How does that work when women voted for Trump in historic numbers? There’s a reason why Megyn Kelly as lost her cred with the right. Trump’s election has certainly been a setback for her career.

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