Democrats Announce Missouri State Senator Chappelle-Nadal Stripped Of Committee Assignments

Missouri Democrats are taking steps to minimize the influence of Missouri state senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal after she called for the assassination of President Trump.

KSDK in St.Louis reported the latest move by Democrats against Chappelle-Nadal:

“A Missouri state senator has been removed from all committee assignments after posting on Facebook that she hopes President Trump will be assassinated.

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Tuesday morning, Senate Democratic Caucus leader Sen. Gina Walsh said Maria Chappelle-Nadal is a ‘distraction’ to senators and released a statement saying she has been removed from all committees.

‘It is important that the Missouri Senate conducts their work without distractions. With that in mind, Sen. Chappelle-Nadal has been removed from her committee assignments. This will help to ensure the success of the Senate, and the state, going forward,’ she said.

Previously, Chappelle-Nadal was a member of eight committees: veterans and military affairs; public assistance; seniors, families and children; judiciary and civil and criminal jurisprudence; government accountability; education; health and pensions; and public employee retirement.”

Chappelle-Nadal backpedaled and issued an apology after she said she wouldn’t apologize.

FOX 2 News reported:

Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal made a public statement Sunday after Thursday’s Trump assassination Facebook comment. She says that she made a mistake.

‘President Trump, I apologize to you and your family.  I also apologize to all of the people in Missouri.  I also apologize to my colleagues in the Missouri legislature for the mistake that I made. I will continue to fight for issues that are really, really important to me,’ said Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal.”

Even Democrats aren’t happy with Chappelle-Nadal.

For Democrats, her apologies are too little, too late.

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